ADR Studio Bags a Stream of Awards in its Most Productive Season Yet

ADR Studio sets itself apart as one of the most prolific award-winners in the design…

ADR Studio sets itself apart as one of the most prolific award-winners in the design and communications industry.

ADR Studio seems to be on a winning streak lately. The 25-year-old innovation-driven studio has continued to outpace its peers thanks to the plethora of awards it has received in the 2021 – 2022 season. The list of its accomplishments in just this short period of time includes:  

  • Gold MarCom Award 2021 for Best Design
  • Platinum MarCom Award 2021 for Best Agency
  • Gold AVA Award 2021 for Best Design
  • Gold Muse Award 2022 for Best Design
  • Platinum Hermes Award 2022 for Best Concept
  • Centauri Vega Award 2022 for Best Concept
  • Grand Winner NYX Award 2022 for Best Design
  • Gold Lit Award 2022 for Best Animation
  • Silver NY Product Award 2022 for Best Concept

In addition to its amazing collection of awards, ADR Studio has also become the go-to consultant in the direct sales and network marketing area for companies interested in branding, product design, and applications. This outstanding achievement by the premier studio can be traced back to its commitment and dedication to ensuring the satisfaction of its varied clientele located in several industries.

The team at ADR Studio has a reputation for following every process needed to complete a project without losing any details or running afoul of the client’s desires. They further recognize the importance of listening to what their clients say while performing deep background study into a given project. They also ensure they always work with empathy to promote dynamic interactions.

The numerous accolades notwithstanding, ADR Studio is not resting on its oars. The company has officially entered into the meta verse to continue offering the high level and added value consulting that it is noted for. This is in addition to the opening of its latest office in Thailand, a move that widens its reach across Asia. The company’s entry into the meta verse was made possible as a result of its multiple partnership created with leading companies in USA, Asia, and the UAE.

About the company

ADR Studio is in the business of helping and supporting companies to improve their operations through a better image and content management. Its core markets include food, health, fashion, manufacturing, beauty, and many more. It however pays specific attention to the areas of new technology, information technology, and network marketing where its team has a combined experience of fifty years.

ADR Studio offers a list of services that includes concept design, app and platform development, network consulting, web design, photo and video services, brand identity, social strategy, white hat SEO, and reputation management.

The company has been featured on Wired, Gizmodo, Business Insider, Forbes, MarketWatch, USA Today, Fox, Daily Herald, The Verge, and Digital Journal. It currently has offices in Singapore, Italy, and Thailand.

To learn more about ADR Studio and take advantage of the numerous services they offer, please visit the company’s website.

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