ADR Studio Recognized as the Best Graphic Design & Communications Company 2024 by Global 100

ADR Studio recognized as the Most Transformational Marketing Agency 2023

We are pleased to announce a momentous achievement for ADR Studio – a recognition that reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. In the prestigious Global 100 2024 awards, ADR Studio has been honored as the Best Graphic Design & Communications Company 2024.

This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire team. It reaffirms our position as leaders in the field of graphic design and communications on a global scale. We are deeply grateful to our clients, partners, and supporters for their trust in our services.

The Global 100 awards are not just any accolades; they follow a rigorous and comprehensive selection process that sets them apart in the industry. Here's a glimpse into how our achievement was evaluated:

1. Assessment Stage: Our work, both domestically and internationally, was evaluated using a proprietary method of analysis. This method considered a wide range of criteria, including the strategic nature, complexity, scale, efficiency, and innovation of our projects.

2. Judging Stage: An independent panel of judges meticulously reviewed the votes in each category. They focused on assessing the strategic significance and complexity of our work. This stage ensured that only the very best in the industry were recognized.

Being named the Best Graphic Design & Communications Company for 2024 by Global 100 is a remarkable honor. It places us among the elite leaders, exceptional teams, and distinguished organizations in our industry.

About ADR Studio

ADR Studio is a collective of high-level professionals with competencies and expertise in several fields. Specific attention is given to the areas of Information Technologies and Networking Marketing.

The combined experience of the founder and the core team in those fields exceeds 50 years. ADR Studio follows every process within the project without lost any detail or client desire, recognizing the importance of listen, perform deeply background study, work with empathy always by assuring dynamic interaction. more information please visit

About Global 100 awards

The Global 100 Award, managed by EMG Publishing, is renowned for its worldwide recognition of excellence. The awards employ a unique selection and ranking process, focusing on the complexity and strategic significance of work, ensuring that only the most deserving winners, whether organizations, firms, or individuals, are honored. EMG Publishing aims to establish a benchmark for industry leaders and outstanding entities across various fields.

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