The NY Product Design Awards entitles ADR Studio Design with a Silver Ribbon

The NY Product Design Awards has just concluded its first season of competition for 2022…

The NY Product Design Awards has just concluded its first season of competition for 2022 and has released the official list of winners. ADR Studio stands out in the conceptual section with its SJ Glass.

ADR Studio won the Silver Ribbon, coming from over 500 entries submitted by interested parties from all over the world: the competition narrowed down its winners by determining which designers’ works improved the people’s daily lives.

It’s a big honor to receive this award, and it makes us proud of what we are achieving daily, supporting our customers and creating added value for them.

Winning entry:

The Apple Lens SJ Concept

About ADR Studio design

ADR Studio is a collective of high-level professionals with competencies and expertise in several fields. Specific attention is given to the areas of Information Technologies and Networking Marketing.

The combined experience of the founder and the core team in those fields exceeds 50 years. ADR Studio follows every process within the project without lost any detail or client desire, recognizing the importance of listen, perform deeply background study, work with empathy always by assuring dynamic interaction. more information please visit

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