Winner in the 2023 APAC Insider – Singapore Business Award

A wonderful surprise in the 2023 beginning! ADR Studio has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2022 Creative Communication Award, with MacBook Folio concept.

Another victory, another recognition, another goal achieved, which confirms the goodness of what we do day by day to improve our work and contribute to the development of the marketing and communication sector.

It may seem obvious, but winning an award with the recognition of BEST GRAPHIC DESIGN & COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY 2023 makes us really proud because it puts us at the forefront of a rapidly growing market across the Asia Pacific region.

The Singapore Business Awards 2023 are judged purely on merit and to determine our successful awardees, our in-house research team forensically analyzes all information that is available in the public domain. The judging process is conducted methodically as they strive to reward businesses based solely on demonstrable excellence in their area of expertise, the standard of their products, and their commitment to service.

ADR Studio has defined its growth path and will continue to move forward with the awareness that its values and its commitment will be an example and guide for those who approach the world of services in the Marketing and Communication sector.

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About ADR Studio design

ADR Studio is a collective of high-level professionals with competencies and expertise in several fields. Specific attention is given to the areas of Information Technologies and Networking Marketing.

The combined experience of the founder and the core team in those fields exceeds 50 years. ADR Studio follows every process within the project without losing any detail or client desire, recognizing the importance of listening, performing deep background study, work with empathy always by assuring dynamic interaction. For more information please visit

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