Yanko Design enlightens 3 ADR Studio Apple Concepts

ADR Studio gets another reward for the hard work profused in design and marketing, winning the dotCOMM Gold Award 2022…

Yanko Design is an online magazine dedicated to covering the best in international product design. They have a passion for the new, innovative, unique, and undiscovered, focusing also on the future.

ADR Studio Design has been honored countless times with a citation by this important magazine. This time, the guys at Yank Design, reported a list of the Top 10 Apple Concepts / Products they are itching to see on the market. In this list, there are amazing designers and products, and ADR Studio has been listed 3 times with its Mac Book Folio, Apple ProCam 8K and Apple Glass Steve Jobs Edition. That’s an immense honour.

Mac Book Concept [Nr. 3]

“This different species Apple MacBook will, Antonio defines, support TouchID (as a slide button), a trimmed version of FaceID, and a gorgeous AirPen to scribble neatly on the generously big screen. All-display foldable Mac may lack a physical keyboard but the design here makes provision for the choice to pull up a digital keyboard with haptic feedback for the real typing feel.”

Apple ProCma 8k [6]

The Apple 8K Professional Camera offers onboard Siri, StyleWriter Compact Ink-less Printing, a Touch and Tilt rear display and a Magic Wheel with a touch screen button. It’s like the perfect camera, at least, for big Apple fans, but it’s too good to be true. The Apple ProCam seems like a dream, and it is. “

Apple Glass

De Rosa’s Apple Glass concept comes equipped with 6 cameras that perform environment-mapping, eye tracking, and hand + gesture recognition. Everything sits in a frame that’s incredibly slim, looking less like hardware and more like a fashion accessory – an approach that’s important to Apple’s fashion-friendly ethos.”


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