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ADR Studio Design and Antonio De Rosa are reshaping the future with the innovative iPhone Vision concept. Inspired by the highly-anticipated Apple Vision Pro, iPhone Vision is a step into the next generation of technology. This ground-breaking design features a stunning waterfall display, creating an immersive edge-to-edge viewing experience that is bound to captivate. Combined with the Promotion Pro, visuals are brought to life with seamless fluidity and breathtaking detail. Enriching this experience is Space Audio, providing crisp and clear surround sound that perfectly complements the phone’s superior display. The camera system showcases pioneering technologies, with a Liquid Lens for high-resolution photography and a Periscopic Lens, offering exceptional zoom capabilities. The device also introduces a Back Screen feature, allowing easy access to notifications and widgets without flipping the phone. Notably, it’s powered by a Dual Chip system, with R1 and M2 chips, ensuring lightning-fast performance and seamless multitasking. iPhone Vision, a testament to ADR Studio Design’s forward-thinking approach, is a glimpse into the future of Apple’s smartphone evolution.



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